Yesterday, October 26, was the first day of our new Virtual Exchange project with the Silesian University of Technology, Poland. The topic of the project is innovation. Students in English Composition 1 will collaborate with their peers from SUT to create and advertise an innovative product based on a Japanese gadget. Yesterday, we met online and the OUC students gave a short presentation about Japan. I am looking forward to the next meeting.
Daniela Caluianu



Profs Nishiguchi, Takano, Caluianu, Holst and a research student Shao will run a workshop session at ELSJ.


Reflections on the 4th International Virtual Exchange Conference

Daniela Caluianu




The 4th International Virtual Exchange Conference

Daniela Caluianu


The 4th International Virtual Exchange Conference (IVEC4) opened on September 14th at Newcastle University in the UK. I attended the Opening Ceremony and joined the Rapid Mix that followed- a good opportunity to get to know some of the other participants. I had the chance to speak with colleagues from South Africa, Mexico, the Netherlands, Venezuela, France, the United States and Britain. From my home in Sapporo. Due to the pandemic, the conference is held online.
We are going through tragic and frightening times when millions of lives around the globe have been thrown in disarray.  It is hard to find positive aspects in the current situation. In spite of this, there are  voices talking about the pandemic as an opportunity to rethink our way of life and change it for the better. This hopeful message can be frequently encountered at IVEC4. Many of the speakers express the idea that, for universities in particular, the disruption of the regular activity  is also an chance to innovate, to carry out the promise of digital technologies and to transform education making it better suited to the challenges of the 21st century.  I have no doubt that the conference will be a great success.


「OTARU Ture*Dure」に高橋先生の記事が掲載されました

小樽の情報誌「OTARU Ture*Dure」15号(2020 Autumn)に高橋優季先生の記事と写真が掲載されました。






E122B Zoom class had a distinguished guest from Sweden

Daniela Caluianu


On July 9th, our English 122B Zoom class had a distinguished guest from Sweden: Alastair Creelman, e-learning specialist at Linnaeus University in Kalmar https://lnu.se/en/staff/alastair.creelman/ . Alastair very graciously accepted to answer our questions. And not only that! After an hour-long Q&A session on how to cope with online learning, he invited us to a walk through the beautiful village Ljungbyholm, 15 km south of Kalmar. Another opportunity to ask questions and learn new things. More on the walk in a future posting. For now, here are some of Alastair’s very useful tips on how to make most of online learning, how to avoid falling behind or become stressed. For more online learning wisdom, check out Alastair’s English blog on education and technology at https://acreelman.blogspot.com. THANK YOU, Alastair!




What are you Reading? #2

Shawn Clankie
Professor of Applied Linguistics
I’m reading Shane The Lone Ethnographer by Sally Campbell-Galman.
This is a great book for students, particularly graduate students, who want to do field research. The book is written in cartoon form and is very easy to understand. Students who use this book will be better researchers and will write better. I would encourage my colleagues to read this as well, both as a refresher and so they can recommend it to their students. Your job as supervisor will be easier as a result.
A copy of this book in the university library.


What are you reading?

Shawn Clankie
Professor of Applied Linguistics

What are you reading?

I’m reading JAPANAMERICA: How Japanese Pop Culture Has Invaded The US by Roland Kelts

This is a great book on the manga and anime industries in Japan, and how they are succeeding (and failing) in the US market. It is a good book for anyone who would like to work in these industries.

Roland Kelts spoke in the English Lecture Series at Otaru University of Commerce in 2017. You can see his talk here. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=P6L1ifbBfnA

This book is available in the university library.


English Chat Room Online


毎週木曜日の10:30〜11:30 開催です。



毎週金曜の夜はクランキー先生と一緒にZoomで音楽を楽しみましょう。”Friday Night Music Night with Clankie-sensei”


内容は、毎週テーマに沿ったいろいろなWestern Music (rock, heavy metal, country, folk, pop, ect)をどんどん紹介していきます。




ZoomのミーティングIDは884 0087 0454


Here is the short announcement for the Friday Night Music night.

Each Friday night this semester Clankie-sensei with be hosting “Friday Night Music Night with Clankie-sensei” using Zoom, 90 minutes of western music (rock, heavy metal, country, folk, pop, etc.). Come learn about western music! Each week there is a theme and for ninety minutes we watch music videos and hear about the history in English. There is nothing to do, no homework, no reading. Just come, listen, and enjoy! Clankie-sensei also invites local singers and musicians to join the events, so you will get to hear from local western artists as well. All Shodai students are welcome to join freely.